Billy Wells
'Racing in the Street
Early Cafe Racer Years

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Authentic tales of early 60's teenage, motorcycle, daring dynamism and all the surrounding capers and comedy.
A historic document on the epoch; chronicling the emergence of the Mods, the coining of the word 'Rocker', the rapidly evolving post war youth culture.

This is a story of a young crowd, hanging out in a cafe in Morden, South London, on the edge of a vast Council Estate, is illustrated with many photographs of the bikes and the cafe, fun and games on seaside adventures, racing in the streets of London, scorching down the by-passes at 100 mph plus and general posing. It spans the years 1960-63 which was a time before there were too many rules. A kid could buy a 650cc motorcycle at 16, tie on some 'L' plates and blast off down the highway with fire in his belly and the breeze of glory in his hair.
Some of these guys and girls are still in touch and we all meet for a curry, on occasion, Its always a laugh.

"Rearly Wild, wish I'd been there"
Marlon Brando (the one from Mitcham)
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Billy Wells
'Snapshots of the Hippy Trail'


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An authentic young chancer's tale of 60's road travel across Asia. A historical document, a story told, humorously, in a round the campfire or sat in the pub, downhome style

Billy Wells had a Cockney upbringing, a Grammar School education and rebellious tendencies. Setting off naively, at 21,to travel the world in 1965, searching for adventure and the realm of the Beat Traveller. The journey back and forth to India takes five years. He finds, firstly monetary wealth, then cultural empathy and spiritual awakening. Recklessness, impatience, romance and a passion for drugs takes him to places few people have been to and from where even fewer have returned. From Bombay opium dens to a monastery in Sri Lanka, many paths are trod. He eventually returns to the underground world of fellow travellers. Along with some great characters met on the road, he smuggles Hashish in a beat up van, bought in Kabul, to sell to American Viet Nam vets in Munich. He gets back home with enough money to make it to the first Isle of Wight pop festival. A grass roots 60's tale.

Review by The Alton Herald

To order a copy please contact Billy Wells at, priced at £9.99 + £1.50p&p




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